Working with Large Views

Placing dimensions with a large number of dimensions on a shelf may take a long time and generally won’t be very useful when they are added. In some cases, you may be presented with a dialog box giving you the option to filter the members before adding it to the shelf.
If you are building a view that involves a large amount of data, you may find it easier to turn off automatic updates, build the view, and then resume updates. Turning off automatic updates queues the queries instead of sending a separate query to the database every time you drag a field. See Automatic Updates.
Follow the steps below to pause automatic updates while building the view.
  1. Turn off automatic updates by clicking the Pause Automatic Updates button on the toolbar.
  2. Place all desired fields on shelves.
  3. Specify filters to restrict the data to the members of interest.
  4. Turn on automatic updates by clicking the Resume Automatic Updates button on the toolbar.
Any time a query is taking too long, you can cancel the query by clicking Cancel in the progress dialog box.

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